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What Does “Print On Demand” Merchandise Mean?

As the name implies, print-on-demand merchandise is made immediately after an order is confirmed. This allows us to avoid overproduction and offer a variety of designs without having to worry about stocking up inventory for individual designs.

How Can You Provide This Platform For Free? Are There Any Hidden Charges?

The solution we offer is print on demand with a depository of raw materials stocked up. Printing and producing a finished product happens only when we get notified about an order on any MeRise brand store. Our services are, therefore, very efficient in terms of turnaround time, and we can deliver high-quality products that meet the specific requirements of our clients without any fees or hidden charges!.

Will I Have The Backend Access To The Dashboard To View The Orders?

As a store administrator, you will have access to view your orders, create discounts and offers, customise your store's look and feel, add social media details, and so on.

Can I Customise The User Interface Of My Brand Store?

Yes absolutely! You can change the colour and fonts of your website to match your personal preference or brand identity. To do so, simply access the 'Theme' section of your website's dashboard. From there, you can select from a range of pre-made colour schemes and font options or customise your own. We're also building functionality that will allow you to completely change the look and feel of your store and customise it as you want.

Can I Customise The URL Of My Brand Store?

Yes, you can choose a custom URL subdomain for your store. All brand stores will have the address [Your Custom Slug]

How Can I Get Access To The MeRise Platform?

Signing up for MeRise is easy and quick - it takes only a few minutes. Sign up with your email address and phone number to join the waitlist. Once you're invited to the platform, we'll set you up, and you can start using all of the great features MeRise has to offer!

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